Holiday Inn Hotel, Kelowna BC

The project is located at the conjunction of Hwy 97 and Hwy 33 - a commercially concentrated area and is one of the new hotels in the area. The scope of work is to design a 6 storey hotel with a total of 130 guest rooms and a commercial plaza of a total of 12,000 sq ft commercial rental unit.

The hotel is comprised of wood construction for the entire building.

  1. Followed Holiday Inn hotel protocols

  2. Include a commercial laundry facility including commercial washers and gas fired dryers

  3. A complimentary breakfast area with light duty kitchen and grease interception system

  4. A central high efficiency domestic hot water heating system for all guest rooms and a high efficiency booster heater for commercial laundry facility

  5. A swimming pool and hot tub including dehumidification, ventilation, pool heater and circulation, water disinfection spa air jetting system

  6. Met the Province of British Columbia Building Code and APEGBC Design Guidelines for mid height wood structural guidelines

  7. Obtained all approval from the City of Kelowna, BC

  8. Fully sprinklered building

The commercial plaza consists of three buildings: two of them are intended for featured commercial restaurants and one for multi purpose. All landlord and mechanical work is included within the design