New Sikh Temple, 1248 Wilkes Ave, Winnipeg

The project consists of renovating an existing building of 3,000 sq ft and a new temple building of 17,000 sq ft. The mechanical design studies traditional Sikh temple operation to ensure the mechanical performance within budget meets the owner's expectations.

The key mechanical equipment is located outside, and even a two level platform is constructed to house major mechanical equipment to suit for the tight mechanical space.

Demand ventilation control is provided for the hall area, capable of meeting a 400 person occupancy load. Indoor CO2 sensors are positioned inside the hall to sense occupancy load and bring the required outdoor air into the space. A bulkhead wall is created to conceal all ductwork from being visible.

A two stage ventilation system is designed for the dining hall to suit for variable occupancy load. A large capacity commercial kitchen is provided in the basement which includes gas fired commercial cooking equipment, grease canopy hoods, grease exhaust and stainless steel backsplash panels. Insulated grease ductwork are designed to suit for zero clearance to combustible material.

Variable air flow of exhaust and make up air to match cooking intensity is achieved by sensing grease laden air temperature. Double interlock between make up air and grease exhaust is required.

Commercial dishwasher and grease interceptor is also designed as part of the scope of work.