Standard Nutrition Company Canadian Head Office Renovation, Winnipeg

The facility at 627 Plinguet Street, Winnipeg was originally owned by Agrium, and purchased by Standard Nutrition North America. The owner decided to renovate the existing office space of approximately 10,000 sq ft to become the Canadian head office with the purpose of centralizing all office staff into one location.

The two storey building is under orders for demolition and re-construction. Due to the existing structural constraints, a total of four high efficiency furnaces in conjunction with HRV units are provided to service the entire space. A space pressure differential will be maintained as to ensure positive pressure with respect to the warehouse and grain processing facility.

The sprinkler system is modified to suit for floor plan changes and additional drain lines were added to comply with NFPA 13 - 2013 edition. Existing temporary sewer lift stations were removed and replaced with permanent gravity sewer systems. The electrical heat trace is added to the domestic water line in order to suit the existing installation and prevent water lines from potentially freezing.