Medical Clinic and Pharmacy, 690 Notre Dame Ave, Winnipeg

The new facilities of size 3,200 sq ft is on the main floor as a part of a six storey, Travelodge hotel. There are some challenges between the connection of a hotel and a walk in clinic.

The mechanical design strictly follows the requirements of CSA-Z317.2 (2008) Special Requirements for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System in Health Care Facilities.

The custom built rooftop mounted unit has double walled construction, two stage air infiltration of up to MERV 14 efficiency. Modulating gas valve controls and stainless steel drip pans are also specified. Field built future sections are provided to suit for site conditions. Single phase power, rather than three phase power is provided by the landlord which leaves the challenge for mechanical to provide with 7.5 ton cooling capacity.

Ducted supply and return for the individual spaces are installed. Special acoustic insulation material are specified to prevent mould growth.

Air change per hour rating for each space is well balanced to provide required ventilation air flow.