Wheat City Concrete Truck Wash Bay Addition, Brandon, MB

Wheat City Concrete intends to expand their business by adding a new 6,000 sq ft concrete truck wash bay to the existing shop. The addition involves a substantial amount of mechanical engineering input.

An in-floor heating system was provided for the entire shop. A mechanical room is created to accommodate a hydraulic gas fired boiler, several pumps, headers, and expansion tanks to complete the in-floor heating system. Slab sensors are embedded in the concrete to accurately control slab temperature, as desired.

A make-up air system and exhaust fan are designed to suit for concrete truck parking and wash application. All duct work and heating equipment are designed for high humidity, harsh environments. Two stage ventilation VFD control is designed to minimize utility costs and to comply with Manitoba Building Code.

A field fabricated concrete oil slush grate interceptor and concrete heavy duty trench drain are incorporated to suit for heavy truck loading, oil and dirt collection and drainage. Detailed drawings will also be provided to ensure that all components comply with local authorities having local jurisdiction.